We are bridging the gap and facilitating relationships between philanthropic efforts and young visionary technologists.


As an ecosystem, we help enhance the engagements for all stakeholders with humanitarian projects including developers, supporters and funders.


We connect projects to new ideas from social entrepreneurs and provide global citizens an opportunity to explore new opportunities for involvement.

Funding agencies award billions of dollars in contracts each year to global development organizations and companies, but pursuing procurement opportunities is a tremendously challenging endeavor, especially for new and less experienced players.

We’re addressing what is already a demanding environment is growing all the more difficult to navigate. Bidding organizations are forced to deal with lengthy and burdensome procurement processes, complex and strict bidding requirements, and donor and sector-specific jargon. Meanwhile, as governments tighten their foreign aid budgets, funders are seeking more value and results for less money. We help young innovative organizations and service suppliers stand out from the crowd.